Bristol MILF Club

Our Midweek Wednesday MILF Club Wednesdays are held regularly on the, 1st Wednesday of the month in Melksham  are parties are advertised on only just take a look and get away from the daily grind for some genuine adult fun. We now have many regular ladies couples and nice polite men that come along and enjoy some great fun in a warm and private environment. The atmosphere is relaxed , friendly and totally pressure free making all of our parties ideal for both experienced and fist time couples, single ladies or horny men. Don't forget you are very welcome to just come along, socialize and see how they feel without any obligation to take part. The parties are for ladies that enjoy being the center of attention and like playing with multiple men. Of course we are all grown ups so all penetration is protected and all ladies wishes and limits totally respected - no exceptions

1st half of the party - us ladies enjoy being covered in a great bukkake session

2nd half - after a short break a full on protected orgy style gangbang


MALE GUEST BODY TYPE, Age range & Ethnic origin

We are very happy to invite men that are slim, average, athletic, chubby and large athletic build. BEFORE YOU REQUEST AN INVITE I AM SORRY BUT IF YOU HAVE LET YOURSELF GO AND YOU ARE A BIG FAT MAN OUR PARTIES ARE NOT FOR YOU I'M AFRAID. You must be over 21 and a fit slim 60 or under to attend our MILF parties. Our parties have people from all ethnic origins but we do need to maintain a proportional balance that reflects the wants of the female swingers. As such you will be asked to give your origin when you request an invite.

Couple or single lady interested but unsure

Of course we understand it might seem a bit daunting especially if you have been to clubs where the single men just won't leave you along and you don't want to cause a scene. We can promise you that our parties are refreshingly different. The male guests know that any lady there is free to watch, join in or stop playing at her discretion without any pressure what so ever. As a single lady you could not find a safer party to come to and both single ladies and couples can enjoy the social aspect of the party and simply join in if the mood takes them. If you decide to give it a go then it is a fantastic way of finding out if this sort of party if for you - why not come along and give it a try - you wont fine a more relaxed party

Just click on the party invite links above below and it will take you to where you can request an invite. If you have any questions please feel free to email for answers


Our afternoon parties run from 12.00 and 15.00 with the guests arriving over the 1st hour into the fun, there is no fumbling around at our parties wondering how or when it will start. The new party venue is in Angels in Melksham SN12 8BX a great club with a lovely friendly atmosphere.
There are showers, lockers and changing areas so you can come dressed to play or bring a change of clothes and se how you feel when you get here